Lifestyle Coaching Packages

Project One R1500 “The Right Start”        Three 45 minute online coaching sessions, one session per week over three weeks.

This project starts you off on the right path to a new lifestyle.
Over three weeks you will practice new habits
monitor your progress and choose the best strategies for you to
be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Project Two R3000  “ Double Up”        
Six 45 minute coaching sessions, two sessions per week over three weeks.

This project lets you check in with the coach twice a week for accountability sessions as well as coaching sessions.
If you need to develop confidence and learn to trust your own choices, this project is for you.
Over three weeks you will learn how to make the right choices and
evaluate your feelings of well-being so that you can
maintain a healthy lifestyle, and you will be reporting back your progress to the coach.

Project Three R6800  “With You All The Way” Eight 45 minutes online coaching sessions and four 20 minutes accountability sessions over eight weeks.

This project will suit you if you have been yo-yo dieting for a long time.
If you need to reduce weight and are feeling hopeless and about to give up.
If you are suffering from ill-health and know you need
to make some changes but need more time to
establish a new mindset.