Comfort Foods – Inspired by Mike Oughtibridge

Inspired by you No2

We all have our comfort foods and our different reasons for why they give us comfort. For example, if chocolate is one of your comfort foods and also a comfort food of mine, I may enjoy it because it goes down nicely with coffee, but you enjoy it because it makes you feel like you are on vacation.

My friend Mike Oughtibridge inspired me to write this post. Mike owns a Guest House and keeps a well-stocked pantry. He commented recently during the lock-down about how his refrigerator has become a 24-hour buffet. Not for the guests this time, but for himself.

I used to crave for dark chocolate, that changed when I changed the way I eat, now I want nuts.

Off goes my imagination wondering about what is in the refrigerator that keeps calling Mike back? Maybe it’s the call of comfort food. Our entire nation, at this point, is dealing with various levels of anxiety; none of us knows what is going to happen in the next few days weeks and months. Some people are isolated, staying home alone, while others are crowded in at home when the house is rarely full of all its residents at the same time. Mealtimes are becoming a significant event and food is a common source of comfort.

In the previous post, “Inspired by You No1” I mentioned how my favourite comfort food is nuts, and my husband decided on crackers for the lock-down. If we are what we eat then Franco and I are an excellent match. I am nuts, and he is crackers.

I enjoy the crunchy texture of raw nuts. The reason I eat nuts when I am feeling anxious is that I feel the need to crunch. Eating fresh carrots also calms my nerves.

Nuts are packed with nutrients and need to be respected and eaten in moderation. Twenty grams (20g) of mixed nuts is enough to provide ample nutritional value as a healthy snack. Different nuts have different nutrients, and they all have a health value; therefore, mixed nuts are a great choice.

The reason for Crackers is to accompany other food, there are many different types of crackers, but none of them can compare with nutrient-packed nuts. My husband enjoys the convenience and versatility of the Cracker and how it can be transformed into a gourmet snack. Add cheese, peanut butter, avocado, creamy homemade dips, cold meats, tinned fish, crackers can be transformed into tasty delights.

The topping might be full of goodness, but the crackers are nutrient empty calories unless they are made from whole grain flours, nut flours or actual seeds and nuts.

If you asked me are the regular salty crackers a healthy snack I would say no because;

  • They are salty and encourage you to eat more
  • They are small and deceiving; they trick you into thinking they are merely a little snack when they are very energy-dense, high in calories
  • The basic ingredients in crackers are flour, water, salt and a few preservatives.
  • They have minimal nutritional value

What is it about the comfort food that brings you comfort?

  • The taste?
  • The texture?
  • Memories of days gone by?
  • A reminder of your school days?
  • A reminder of someone you love?
  • Is the food sweet or savoury?
  • Is it healthy and full of nutrients?
  • Or is it empty calories with no real goodness?

Can you make a more natural, less produced choice of comfort food?

I sincerely hope you have access to some of your comfort foods during this time, please leave a comment and be my inspiration for the next post.

If you are interested to learn more about nuts? Follow the link below.

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