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Inspired by a love for food

1st June 2020 today we move forward into Lockdown Level 3. Many of the population here in South Africa are going back to work. Businesses are opening, and the economy has been kick-started again after being kicked well and truly during the total lock-down.

Some people like me who work in the field of vocational education and training, are still locked down because training activities require close contact and are at high risk for spreading the Virus.

Being an independent consultant, I find myself in-between. The in-between space, in this case, is where it’s difficult to know what comes next and tricky to make a decision about what to do next. I know for sure that my usual work is on hold until September and there is no shining light to indicate that my work will continue where it left off.

Everyone around the world has been touched by the pandemic. The magnitude of sadness and despair they say should make those of us who are still living and have money to buy food and loved ones to care for, feel better. I’m not sure how that works because I feel sad for everyone including myself.

I have decided to move forward and use my skills in another form. I’m working on my sideline, which is Health and Nutrition Coaching. I help people to be healthy, fit and to love themselves more by changing the way they think about food and changing the way they eat.

I do know that feeling sorry for myself doesn’t help, activity helps me to ease the pain. We have all been through an experience that has left us stunned and now It’s time to take care of ourself.

I was adamant about retaining my shape and fitness during the lock-down, and I worked hard on keeping my attitude of gratitude well charged and my spirits high. I have to admit it was tough and maybe the most challenging personal experience I have ever had.

I have gained 3.5 Kilos during the lock-down in spite of my good intentions. My clothes don’t fit so well, and I feel sluggish. While I’m thinking about it, my old knee injury is playing up, maybe because of the cold morning weather but 3 kgs extra to carry around doesn’t help.

How many Kilos did you gain so far? Or did you lose weight due to the stress? Would you like to join me in getting back into shape?

I am setting up the Food-Lover Coaching Weight Management Club. The first online meeting is coming up soon using the Zoom Meeting App.

  • Do you want to lose a few Kilos?
  • Do you want to gain a few Kilos?
  • Maintain a healthy weight?
  • Learn about nutrition and healthy eating habits\?
  • Learn how to say no to that Apple Pie?
  • Learn about different weight loss diet regimes?
  • Share your highs and lows with a group and be accountable for your weight management goals?
  • Bring a friend and do this together?
  • Support a friend or family member and join as a supporter?

Reply in the comments to let me know if you are interested and I will send the details about Food-Lover Coaching Weight Management Club, including membership plans and payment options.

2 thoughts on “Food-Lover Coaching Weight Management Club”

  1. What a marvelous idea! I am a bit overwhelmed currently and have to first determine where weight management will fit in… will let you know 😉

    1. Hi Mari I understand, fitting in time for yourself is not always usually easy, however, these days nothing is usual. I’ll keep in touch with the new developments.

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