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Inspired by You No. 7

For everyone who wants to kick start a new lifestyle project

When I decide to embark on a project, either business or personal, I announce my intention and tell people about it. The people I share my intentions with are people who will encourage me and ask how it’s going, people who are expecting a result and will hold me to book. That is how I make a commitment.

What does commitment mean to you? Although there are different modes of commitment, for example, commitment to a relationship, to a team, to a job, to a cause, or to a goal, a commitment requires dedication.

I prefer to use the term dedication. To me, the term “making a commitment” feels static, whereas dedication has movement with no beginning and no end. I dedicate my time and attention to a person, a task, a team, or a project. When a specific result is required, I will be dedicated until the end goal is achieved.

If you are not so good at making commitments, find another word or expression that is more meaningful to you. Do you have dreams that are sitting on the shelf, waiting for you to do something?

Take a look at the words and expressions below and see if anything resonates with you.

  • Obligation
      • Loyalty
        • Make it happen
          • Turn up for life
            • GIVE IT GRIT
              • Devotion
      • Resolve
        • Focus on the green light
          • Give it horns
            • Endurance
              • Get it done
                • COLLABORATE
  • “Dedication and commitment are what transfer dreams into reality.” Anonymous
  • “Commitment is the foundation of great accomplishments.” Heidi Reeder
  • “Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination.” William Longgood
  • “Commitment is what transforms a promise into a reality.” Abraham Lincoln
  • “Decide, dedicate, and succeed.” Sandy De Leo
  • “Dedication is the hours we put in when nobody’s watching.” Anonymous

What does accountability mean to you?

What does it take for you to hold yourself accountable? We are used to being held accountable by others—the boss, the team, our parents, and teachers—but it doesn’t come easy to hold ourselves accountable.

Is being accountable the same as being responsible? There is a discreet difference, although the two work together.

Responsibility can be shared, while accountability cannot.

For example, you can give a team a task, but you can only hold one of them accountable for the end result. There’s no point in sharing accountability because that leaves the door open for one to blame another if the task is not done.

Being accountable means ultimately being answerable for the end results.

If you work alone on a project, you need to be responsible and accountable for the progress, and the results. Being accountable to yourself requires self-discipline and self-evaluation, and that is not in everyone’s skill set.

Successful self-employed individuals, freelance consultants, and entrepreneurs are either highly skilled in self-accountability or have accountability partners.

It takes time and practice to develop self-discipline and an objective point of view. It is inherent in the nature of man to do things for others and to feel good when we keep our promises.

Without someone to hold you accountable, new business ventures don’t happen, health and fitness plans fail, and home and garden projects get put on hold. Dreams remain dreams, and the quality of life is dull and uninspiring.

If you have no one to talk to about your future dreams, projects and goals, you might consider working with an accountability partner, or how about an accountability team? Do you think the act of sharing your plans and being held accountable is going to help you get into action and stay the course?

Take this opportunity and grab your free 20-minute session with Sandy. Discuss the future get ready to turn up for life.

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