Sandy De Leo

Sandy De Leo

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

Day Hike July 2019

Food Fights

As a teenager, I experienced an emotional battlefield and for a while, food was the enemy. Teenage depression and comfort eating became a familiar pattern. I call it “food fights.”

I could have blamed the eating disorders on my parents because they were extremely image-conscious. My Father monitored every morsel that entered my mouth, but the blame game doesn’t help to fix things.

Luckily I came to realise that this was my problem, no matter what was the external influence I needed internal motivation to take control of my own eating patterns.

If back then I had a Coach, these would have been some of my questions:

Why do I eat when I’m not hungry?

How can I control my impulses to eat the wrong foods?

What is the best diet for me?

How can I be happy about myself and ignore what others say?

A new love for food

Consequently, a new mindset helped me to develop a new love for food. I established a set of principals that helped me to love and respect food and these are:

  1. Love food for the nourishment that it gives you and for the positive energy it generates.
  2. Respect food and be grateful for everything you eat each day.
  3. Enjoy eating a diverse range of foods and experience the satisfaction that a variety of food provides for you.
  4. Know the value of the foods you eat and the goodness that these foods deliver to your body.

What are your questions?

Can I help you to find your answers? Everyone has a unique storey and you’re answers are not the same, neither are your questions.

With coaching, you ask the questions and I help you find the answers. Together we design a plan of action to get you to your goals.

Nutrition and Health Coaching will focus on these topics:

  • Human Nutrition
  • Nutrition psychology and behaviour change
  • Dietary Diversity
  • The foundations of physical and mental health
  • Well-being management
  • Weight loss management  

Sandy’s studies culminated in the Advanced Certificate of Nutrition and Health Coaching. Awarded by Cadence Institute of Nutrition and Health Coaching.