Food-Lover Coaching

Food-Lover Coaching

Your coach Sandy De Leo helps you to overcome your personal challenges and achieve your desired goals.

Sandy works with you to improve your confidence and motivation. The coaching sessions will adjust your mindset. You will feel energised and excited about making new choices and becoming a healthy Food-lover.

Food-lover coaching involves a set of basic principals about what is a good relationship with food. With these principals in mind, Sandy helps you to nurture a respectful and nourishing relationship with food.

Sandy believes you can take control of your lifestyle and overcome your challenges, be it weight maintenance, obesity, Type two Diabetes or low confidence about your body image.

The fact is .……

Medical studies have proven that Type 2 Diabetes can be avoided or reversed when you take control and adjust your lifestyle.

Food-lover Coaching projects set you up with a plan of action, healthy change strategies, and practical tools to guide you along the way.

Together with Sandy, you get to design a personalised Food-lover project to fit your unique circumstances.

You are in control

You make all the decisions, you take control, and you get to experience the incredible benefits of being a healthy food-lover.

Take the first step

The first step is to sign up for a free coaching session. This is where you share your dreams about being your ideal you. All good things start with a dream.